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Default the Hobbies

We sure create the time consuming hobbies with the new hobbies, we don't think will become real hobbies.
Why so called hunters have come up with ways to track individual deer by camera. Why they spend so much time tracking deer, they have little time to hunt.
Remember farmer on whose land I hunted. He spent so much time being a farmer, he'd leave his rifle on the back porch, in case he got time for a shot during hunting season.

why we must have an association that has the best pictures of deer never seen other than with a trail cam. Those fellas are too busy sorting through pictures. And a fella with multiple cams has himself a regular hiking schedule, if the gps is working to keep him informed where he left the trail cams.

Never did learn how a trail cam worked.

Never got into food plots. Knew a farmer who did stuff like that.

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