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Default My end of the season all in 1 day.

Well, our season goes out tomorrow night, the 31st. I closed out my season this year with my life long waterfowl hunting buddy yesterday.
Here in Illinois we are allowed to hunt till sunset on public property the last 3 days. We hit our favorite spot, just after 0500 and set up a water set with 3dz floaters. Tough packing in 1/4 mile walk.
We drop the first bird about 0930. Wind came up and then changed directions 180 degrees. Now wind in our face, hard. Gusts up to 16mph. Nothing we can do, in permanent elevated box blind. Make the best we can, move dekes to the upper wind side, make geese work from the side more than over our heads. We saw more ducks in this one day than we have seen in years here in Illinois. Reminds us of the lead days.
Next group comes in silent and almost land in front of us and up we come getting some. 2 on the water. 1 to go!! Now its 1545 and we have about a dz land across the waterway in a winter wheat field. We have several others that we called, no go. We had planned to leave at 1615 due to high winds now and a 3 mile river ride back to ramp. A pair get up and fly straigh at us. I'm already limited out. He needs one of this pair. He pulls up and gets 2 rounds off, nothing. On his 3rd and final shot he rolls the back 1 of the 2!!!!! Hevi-Shot to the rescue!!!!
We are hooting and hollering, cold, wind burned, tired and hungry and we are finally tagged out. We pack up and get back to the ramp in 1 piece. Truck loaded and we are headn back home he tells me that it is his birthday!!!!! What a way to have a birthday, great hunt and with a great friend. He told me that he was not going to hunt today or tomorrow for what a way to end a season.
By the way, he is blind in his right eye, due to cancer. Self taught to shoot left handed. Lost his gall bladder last year due to some illness. Skin cancer removed from his arms and face from working outside in construction all his life. And has leg issues due to gout. he then tells me that he is going in for some kind of routine surgery next week for his health issues. So, he does not get to hunt much without someone helping him.
So, yes my season has been a very great season in one day with a very true friend!!!! We hunted several times this year, but not with such a meaning of the day.
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