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Default Posting New hunting gear website to the forums

Hey all! I'm new to the forum. This is likely in the wrong section but, I signed up because I created a website that is a marketplace for people to sell high-end hunting gear.

I emailed the webmaster here about posting the site and getting some feedback from the Forum on it, since it is in beta mode, but I haven't received a response.

Again, the site is in beta mode and I'm interesting in getting a type of focus group going to see if the site would be useful and would people use it, if it started getting a lot of quality products and items, what do do different, or to just say NOPE, wouldn't use it, if that is the case.

I would post the name of the site here but don't want to get banned right off the bat.

If there are MODS that can help me out with this, and let me know how I can post about the site.

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