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I got 7 this year inluding an 8,9, and a 10 along with all 4 of my doe tags. That might seem like a lot to some people but I have 450 acres and I was the only one to harvest deer this year. I honestly dont think I killed enough. I just ran out of people to give meat too and I dont know where I would put another freezer.

I hunted 5 days a week from Sept 15th - Jan 1st to probably at least 25 trips to the stand. I can count on one hand the number of times I didnt see a deer. Saw mostly bucks, and the first week of the season 6-7 out in the same field was common. Even during rut I saw 2-3 bucks together and they didnt seem to mind another dude hanging around. Literally, and I mean literally every single doe I saw had fawn or twins with her. Lots of spikes which Im probably going to cull next season because they looked to be around 2 1/2. I saw some really young deer that were only around 1 1/2 but already growing 4 or 6pt racks outside the ears so want to grow them. I killed more Deer than I did during the 4 dove hunts I also had on my farm lol. Hell I probably saw more Deer than Doves. Who ever said there is a Deer shortage in SC is a moron.

Been walking around the farm with my binoculars before dark since the season ended and they must have a calendar or something. The older bucks look right at me and just keep feeding cause they know I cant do anything to them. The little ones just run around the field playing with each other. None of them run as long as I keep my distance.

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