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Nomercy448 is right. We created a sub forum for Airgun field results but the sub forum is in this general forum--Small Game, Predators and Trapping. While we would welcome field results for you, this sub-fourm was designed as a reference forum for people to post and read about real world hunting results and wouldn't necessarily include everything you would want to see in an Airgun Forum.

I'm thinking that an "Airgun" Hunting forum in the General Hunting Forums category would allow for more airgun topics and would certainly be much easier for people to find. Nomercy, we got us another mission. All of you guys, send me some verbiage as far as a forum description suggestion so I can kick this upstairs to admin.

Maybe something along the lines of:

Airgun Hunting

Discuss hunting with airguns, equipment, tactics and everything else airgun related.
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