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Greetings! First off, I know the original post is old, but thank you for the offer of hunting for labor! I live in the Tampa area. I'm a Vietnam Era veteran and enjoy firearms and peaceful time in the woods! My youngest boy has just enlisted in the Air Force and will be shipping out soon after he graduates this year. I took him to Greenswamp when he was about 12, but after 18 hours, nothing. I'd sure like to take the boy for his first real hunt and hog harvest, but finding available land is tough. He's not adverse to physical labor and in fact his goal later is special ops. Although I am unable to lend a hand with physical labor, my son is eager and willing for a chance for some time in the woods where there are some hogs needing harvesting. If you still need some help or just want the boy to enjoy his first hunt before serving his Country, let us know and we'll make time each month to lend a hand! Thanks again and God Bless this great Nation. If you're up to you elbows in help, perhaps you know a neighbor needing some hogs culled as well... Thanks again. Look forward to your reply.
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