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Originally Posted by nysbowhunter View Post
Just wondering who on here uses this ML scope and how do you like it? I have been looking at these and everything i read is telling me that they are a variable power scope (thats easy enough) but then you turn the dial to whatever load you are using (sets the reticle for holdover on long range shots). Now if you turn the same adjustment then what about a 3X magnification or 9x or anywhere in between? Nothing i have read said anything about a second adjustment, just that you adjust the magnification to "glass" your target then dial up for the load.... not sure i like that but im hooked on leupold scopes and i wouldnt mind a 300 yard crack at a coyote or two. Thanks.
Search the post by Roluaghlin for info on custom long range scopes. I don't claim to understand it completely but he shoots long range regularly.

Personally, I go to, load in the bullet BC and FPS to calculate the estimated projection path. It's pretty accurate but would require holdover estimate for long range.
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