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He ain't got much fat on him... is that is typical of your deer down south?
WV Hunter, our rut kicked in right after Christmas and is just about finished. The bucks have run their fat off by now. The ones taken before mid-December had loads of fat.

How much longer can you guys hunt with muzzleloaders?
W.W., we can hunt with muzzleloaders from Nov 8th. through Jan 28th.

This guy and an eight-pointer with the tip broken on his right main beam have been hanging around one of my stands for the last three weeks. I kept seeing the unicorn and passing on him, hoping the eight would step out. One of the other guys shot the eight Friday evening. He was 150 lbs. So my Saturday turned into a meat hunt.

By the way, when I shot the "Oops Doe" on Dec 13th. I fully cleaned the gun and reloaded. So the load I shot this guy with was in the bore for four weeks. As you would expect from that shot location, he dropped on the spot and didn't even twitch.
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