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Redipping or recoating is gonna run you around $100-150 to have it professionally done, plus whatever cost you have in stripping the existing finish.

Considering that the "all original" kinda gets thrown out the window since it will have been painted and repainted, I'd likely just replace the furniture. Should be able to get it done for less than $150, and don't have to hassle with any work being done.

If you're set on keeping the original furniture, then I'd be careful about what removal technique you choose. Some of these finishes are tougher than the underlaying plastic will be, so if you poke through while blasting, you might find you've bored a hole through the plastic and left surrounding finish intact. Of course, chemical stripping of these plastic parts is out of the question, so blasting or manual removal methods are really your only options.

You might consider just painting over the existing finish. If it's well done and could be prepped easily enough to receive another coating, that might be the least expensive, least expansive option.

If it were mine, I'd be poking around to find new furniture for it, unless you're dead set on keeping it original (which it already isn't, and really can't ever be again). If I wanted to keep the original furniture, I'd do as little manual stripping as required to prep for the new finish, then dip/paint it.

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