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There are a few Cameras that can do what Your talking about but as mentioned it can get pretty expensive and they are making new trail cameras each year that can do more and perform better.There are a few that can also use WiFi technology and as Pnut mentioned some that require a SIM card and adding an additional fee on to Your phone bill.I would suggest using a few more expensive cameras in the areas You don't want to frequent and leave Your scent behind and then use the cheaper cameras in areas easier to access or higher traffic areas like feeders,mineral sites etc!

The Moultries have a few trail cameras that send a signal/picture to Your phone and/or computer, it has a cable that plugs in to the camera and hangs up above the camera for reception and cost a certain amount per month,they did offer a reduced fee to run this set up for 3-4 month intervals during the busy time of the Hunting Season and You can check battery life and even change the settings on the higher priced Moultrie cameras or Un-plug the camera and run it as a normal trail camera!

There's another trail camera that sends pictures within a certain distance and has multiple cameras and is pretty expensive but I don't remember the brand name?It was SpyPoint or BuckEye possibly?Check out for lots of high tech trail cameras and see how they are rated in quality,performance,battery life and pic quality!

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