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I'll chime in with a positive.

About 10 years ago I contacted them about a fixed power 4X M7 scope with post and crosshair. It sat on my favorite rifle, a Mauser 98 sporterized to 243 Win. The gently used rifle was a gift from my gunsmith/grandfather over 40 years ago and the scope was probably at least 10 years old at that time in 1974.

The ocular lens had sustained a pretty deep chip (all my fault) and had lost its seal and had grown cloudy. I contacted them to see what the charge would be for them to bring it back to good operating condition. I was perfectly willing to pay whatever it cost to get my favorite rifle/scope combo back to where it was when I received it.

They gave me the address for sending it in to be examined and told me they would contact me with the results of their findings.

2 weeks later I received the scope back without any other communication in between. They had replaced the entire ocular lens assembly, gone over it with a fine tooth comb, replaced the seals and purged and fixed all cloudiness. Also enclosed was a sheet outlining all their work and the sentence at the bottom read ....NO CHARGE!

Say what you will about Leupold quality, price, or their products, but it is next to impossible to question their customer service.

I'm sure you can find the rare bird that has a sob story about treatment from Leupold, but it's been my experience to get the best treatment possible.

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