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Default Need advice on a multiple camera setup.

After 3 years of messing around with trail cameras I want to start thinking bout setting up a decent multiple camera system around my 450 acres. Where I no longer have to ride in, pull my memory card, ride out, then ride back to replace it once I check my pictures. Then if there was nothing after a few weeks I have to move it somewhere else. Or if the batteries are low, change them out.

I want to put out a dozen or so cameras and really only have to check them a few times a year for maintenance. I dont want to change batteries every few weeks. I just dont want the constant riding back and forth to see whats on my memory cards. Is there such a thing?

I want to be able to set up a decent amount of cameras around my property and have all the pictures download to my phone or my PC. Also is there some type of software that will use GPS and show me where all my cameras are located using an onscreen interface? Can it even get fancier and show if one of them is offline due to a tree falling down or some other damage to it? Hell if I wanted can I even have a few of them set to video and click on one of them at my PC and get live streaming from it?
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