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Default refurbing a glendel buck as a decoy

this has been laying in my back yard for year or so.. It was shot out and inserts for this model are all but nonexistant...

back story..........

About two weeks ago I rattled up a buck for my wife, I could see him but he would not step into the food plot, she could not see the buck as he was on my side of the blind out the side window


I need a decoy, if I had a decoy I have little doubt the buck would have come out of the woods to check out his new friend....

So a little expandable foam and a little trimming and it's about ready for paint.. The head only has one ear and no antlers but I don't think that will matter..

Will post a few more pics after it's painted. Will also need to leave it outside for few days to dissipate paint odor
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