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Default I have a question for you folks..

Yesterday while out hunting a guy shot a real nice 10 pointer in the area I was hunting in.. So I went to another place I have never hunted before.. It was some cuttings where there is a big clear cut and across from it is a smaller cutting with a lot of fur trees in it. I scout the fur tree area first and moved maybe 7 or 8 deer around. Which really pretty decent for up here.. Then I went and scouted around the clear cut. It is probably around 1 of a mile long with a couple of wooded sections that come down and cross the road. These could make some great deer runs. But, they are not using them as such. While scouting there were sections of ledges that no one could see over unless they walked up on them. Well on the other side of this stuff I found area where the deer has dug at the stumps as well as all the way around them. Now we are talking quite a bit of stumps. I would guess handy to 25 of them being dug like this.. Although they are scattered around some.. But none the less one area may have close to 12 stumps and another area may have 4 or 5 stumps.. What is up with this? Are they digging up mushrooms or what the heck is going on. I took a picture of one of these stumps with my cell phone.. It does very little justice for what you will see. These areas around the stumps are up to eight feet or better wide.. Anyways here is a picture for you folks to see and let me know what you think maybe going on..

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