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Default Need a little help!

Well, I had an unfortunate situation this evening. Have noticed a lot of deer moving to one point of the woods. I have seen them just about every evening and coming from there in the morning. I decided to move down to the area, due to the stand being further away and having issues with bushes and trees. To give you intel on the area. We have a 400 acre farm on this side of the road and 500 acres on the other side. The area I am hunting we have planted corn this year. Backing up to the corn is woods. about 80 yards in the woods from the corn, is a couple of houses we rent out. I was sitting where the deer had been seen coming in and out of the corn field. It was getting pretty dark. I watched a doe about 25 feet infront of me smell and resaturate her scrape, which as multiple scrapes around it. She walked past me and entered the corn field. She did not even know I was there. Immediately after her entering the corn field, I heard some foot steps enter the woods. About 20 feet from me, was by far the biggest buck I have ever seen on my property. He continued to head towards me slightly turning and going up towards the house up on the hill. He stopped checking the big doe scrape and then looked up. I was still never moved and was covered in my camo and had a black ski mask on over my face. The buck never snorted, never flagged, or anything, and after looking my way for a minute or two, he took off back in to the corn field. What should I do next? Should I place a stand in a near by tree? Should I not worry about it and move on. As I was leaving I did notice more deer coming down the hill in to the same spot I was sitting so my scent couldn't be too bad there. Advice please?????
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