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I don't doubt at all what your doing wont work but your testing method isn't really going to prove if it does or doesn't. I'll give you a suggestion on how I do it, and im sure there are other and better ways.

1-Load up 25 vials of powder
2-Put 25 primers in a vial or leave them loose your choice.
3-Get 25 of your choice bullet and sabots
4-Get a Ziploc bag and put all the above in the Ziploc bag.
5-The next time you go to were you shoot put that bag with those items in it on a blown down tree or even set beside tree.
6-When you are going to test again if you want to, load the gun the night before and leave the gun outside over night. In the morning put the gun in a soft case in back of your pick up and leave mostly un zipped. Drive to your shooting location and grab that Ziploc bag and shoot a three shot group. Close that bag back up and set it by that tree or wherever you leave it in the woods.
7-Repeat that process until your Ziploc is empty. It could take a couple weeks obviously.
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