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Default Rifle Primer--Zero Degrees

Yesterday, into a squeaky clean barrel, the Omega X7 was loaded with 300g Deep Curl, 110g Blackhorn, and crush rib sabot. Then the rifle was carried out to the truck, along with some Federal 215 primers, bullets, sabots, and pre loaded powder vials. It went down to zero here last night. This morning the truck was started, left running to melt frost, and the rifle was wrapped in coats, and put in the back so it would stay cold. The bullets, sabots, powder, and primers were also wrapped to keep them cold. When we arrived where the shooting could commence, it was 3 degrees, and the wind was penetrating.

After walking out to place the target, i sorta lost interest in setting up the portable shooting bench, and stool, what with the cold wind the way it was. Managed to get the truck setting quite level with the drivers door 88 yard from the target. Using a window rest i was able to shoot quite steady with my left hand holding the forearm, rested, and my right elbow on the steering wheel. The window was left open because of the spotting scope, but the heater was running full. Then when shooting, the truck was turned off. Actually the only shot that really mattered was the first, however the plan was to shoot 5, but the target blew off the backer after just 3, so i quit, and came home.

It seems i no longer need to wonder if the rifle primers will ignite the powder during the cold weather of deer season. Ignition was instantaneous, just like it was last summer.
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