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Crap! I hope he survived too! Man that really sucks. =\ I would be disgusted. Lets hope you see him again to at least confirm he is still alive. The scope on my crossbow fell apart on me one day while I was out hunting. Some screws inside the scope worked themselves loose and the whole dial fell off. It's one of those electronic red-dot scopes and I hate it. I had 2 does come out in front of me but what could I do? I just sat there and watched them until hunting light ended.

I did have a nice compound bow, a PSE Firestorm Lite with all kinds of toys on it but my damn nephew stole it and sold it. While I was out looking for a new one I couldn't find one that suited me so I ended up with a Barnett Jackal crossbow. I have taken one deer with it (last year). Today I saw around 10 deer, all does. One was plenty close enough to shoot but she acted like something was following her so I waited but nothing ever showed.

The deer I am after is a 150 class 10-pointer. It's staying pretty close to my area but I haven't seen it. Several people have seen it from the highway at various times but I just don't have the luck. I saw deer at least 7 times on Saturday morning and every single one of them were bucks but nowhere near shooting size. The biggest I saw was a 6 pointer. I believe the big 10 came through with a hot doe before I got to the stand that morning. I got in the stand just as it was starting to lighten up outside and I noticed a buck was standing 30 yards away. He didn't even care that I was there. I know he saw me but I wasn't what was on his mind. I'm going out again in the morning. Hopefully my luck will change. I have seen deer every morning, just not the big 10. I'll keep looking!
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