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I gotta take a day off Monday after Friday disaster. Despite tack driving practice shooting out to 30 yards daily, my bow failed me at the moment it mattered. Sometime during the day Friday the two screws holding on my Cobra sight came loose, causing my pins to drop 1/4". You guessed it. The big boy showed up Friday evening. My ambush worked to a tee and I had him stopped broadside at 20 yards 4:30 PM. My shot obviously flew high and hit him above the lungs. He was an extremely heavy racked, very wide 8 pointer. Would have scored ~150". Would have been 2nd best buck ever. Instead I spent 2 days blood trailing over a quarter mile. Was complicated by going through the corner of a private land parcel. I finally found where he came back on to public. But it all ended where he bedded quite a while, and the blood stopped. Grid searched entire creek bed but nothing. Exhausted so I'm taking Monday off. I can only hope he survived.

After this fiasco I stopped at a store for some Locktite to adhere the two guilty screws. Really sick about it, just hope he survives.
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