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Originally Posted by chaded View Post
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You have talked repeatedly about having very poor eye sight on here so you would be the last person I would ask about differences between quality of glass. I can find however much information I want on the internet to support my scope of choice.
Guess I can respond to this. Yes, blind in my right eye, but since you don't need vision in both eyes to see if glass is clear. Have you noticed you only use one eye to look through a scope?

So, we're talking about the eye that I have sight in. I need glasses to see up close, and different glasses to see distance. I can't wear either one when using open sights, so I end up with no glasses. Everything is a little blurry, but that's better than wearing one of the glasses.

However, none of this affects using a scope, because I can focus both the reticle and the target. With a scope I have 20/20 vision, and can easily tell good glass from bad glass.

Make sense youngster?
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