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Originally Posted by Omega45 View Post
Just because the manufactor lists 5" does not mean it actually has 5". Google up some more info, post other peoples targets, list other peoples load data. I'll let you keep on keepin on now.
I had to think about this, because I wasn't sure what you were talking about. You must mean when I posted a target Carlos did. I believe it was 300yds with a CVA to prove the gun were accurate. I don't shoot 300yds with a muzzleloader. Not many guys can. However, Carlos is an ex sniper, and gets everything from a gun that most can't. I make no apologies for posting his target. It made the point that a CVA is accurate which was my goal.

It's not my style to post my range reports. I tried it once, and chaded accused me of not shooting it. So, it's unlikely you'll see anymore.

I'll tell you what. If you ever get to Colorado give me a call. We can go to the range, and see how it turns out.
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