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Originally Posted by tourangeaud View Post
Is this the same deer? Only with more pts, bigger, older and not much wiser. If it is the same deer, redemtion is mine to enjoy.

I shot the 2013 8pt from the same setup, same distance, and was unable to find the deer. Not a pass thru shot, but found lots of blood that eventually disappeared. I searched for weeks, even with a tracking dog and never found the 8pt deer. I was extremely disappointed with myself for not finding this particular deer. I truly believed I made a fatal shot on this deer.

I shot and harvested the 2014 10pt, on the opening day of the VA archery season. Once again not a pass thru, but did find the deer within 50 yards of my setup. After reviewing the pics, I see some similarities. What do you think? Are these the same deer????????

2014 10PT

Do you have anymore pics?
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