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I don't like expandables & after 3 decades of buying replacement blades for fixed heads like Razorback, Thunderhead & Rocket, I decided to take a chance last year & truly adhere to the K.I.S.S. method. So I bought a pack of Allen Beartooths at Wallyworld $20 for pack of 3. They shot great out of my TenPoint xbow & I went hunting with them. I was rewarded with a 220#, 120class 8pt @ 12yds. I watched him fall 45yds from where I hit him. What more can you ask for?

So this season I bought 3 more packs of the Allen's, 2 for my crossbows & 1 for my youngest sons Diamond bow. I prefer a cut on contact tip vs a chisel or punch style tip so thats why I chose the Beartooths. Other than being $15-$20 a pack cheaper than equivalent Montecs, I don't feel I'd gain anything by going to a "big name" head. Good flight & a VERY dead trophy is all the proof I need.
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