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Originally Posted by cbul View Post
I have looked at some plastic rolled up game draggers but never used one.
Anybody use one?

Years ago I used a kids sled for deer with some success. But I really never cared about hair on a hide before .

Thanks in advance!
Years ago I bought a heavy duty plastic rolled up game dragger (I think from Cabela's) that I've used to drag a couple of deer and two elk, half at a time. It makes the dragging easier, even over snow, and it protects the animal.

Another time I used a kids plastic toboggan to drag another elk out, again, half at a time. I got the elk out, but the toboggan was trashed.

I've also used several wheeled game carriers.

The first one was a single wheel "travois" type that I made from a bicycle wheel and lightweight steel tubing. It worked OK, but half of the weight is in your hands.

I then bought a two wheel carrier from Cabela's that I've carried up to two antelope at a time over several miles of eastern Montana sagebrush. It's a little tippy on side hills, especially when one wheel goes over a bush or rock.

A few years ago I built a two inline wheel carrier. I used 20" heavy duty spoke wheels with solid rubber tires, and welded square steel tubing. It would pack half an elk with two people operating it.

Two of us carried out my first black bear slung under a pole, and two of us also carried out a whitetail buck that I wanted to have mounted that way. It is easy to get the animal swinging if the two people don't stay out of step.
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