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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
Defending what, 2 nuts going on a killing spree? What's there to defend?
NW and his alter-ego Stormy can't defend that most of the "nut jobs," like the Millers are way out in left field!
GOP leaning Conservatives don't cry on You Tube and then go out and murder people in cold blood, claiming they are fighting against the "establishment!"
And that they are dying as "martyrs" for "the cause!"
When in truth they are spine-less, gut-less, spoiled brats, indoctrinated by the liberal system!
But then, NW, Stormy and the rest of the socialist's gang want to say that we are just "clinging to our guns and bibles," when all we want to do is to ensure that America lives by our Constitution that so much honorable blood was shed for!
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