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Originally Posted by txhunter58 View Post
Mine is now showing a 581 tag when you do the method Flags mentioned. That changed since this morning when I had nothing. That verifies I drew a bull tag!
Yep. If it shows a 3 digit code beginning in 5 that means you pulled the tag. Good on Ya. I show a 562 code for antelope which means I got a buck tag for unit 12 since that is all I put in for for antelope. Unfortunately, I show a 480 under elk which means my 19 points still didn't get me a resident bull tag (actually it is an either sex tag) for Unit 2. Maybe next year.

Guess it is time to start sighting in the 6.5x55 Swedish, my favorite antelope rifle. Haven't gone after pronghorns for about 4 years.
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