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Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
If you can not read and comprehend, you should not be reloading.
And what happens when those people that CAN 'read and comprehend' go online and research... It's the 21st century remember, libraries are going out, apprenticeship and mentorship are a thing of the past, and people do all of their learning by asking questions online...

So they 'read and comprehend' online that EXPERIENCED RELOADERS are saying you can mix and match cases, any load data works with any bullet of a given weight and shape (i.e. all spitzers are created equal), and you can even mix and match primers... "Just as long as you're under the max load"...

The friend that I 'caught' overpressuring his rifle was a national level archery competitor and operates a multimillion dollar dirtwork company that he started while he was in high school by buying a Bobcat instead of a Trans Am with his car loan. "Stupid" he aint. Not some city kid or book-worm that didn't understand how to change his oil or thought his rifles were magic sticks that operated beyond his comprehension. He was just inexperienced and acknowledged it. He figured he was executing incorrectly or using inferior components, not that he was making a mistake on loads. A generation ago, a guy in his shoes would have had an uncle or neighbor or father, grandfather, etc who would have taught him the ropes. But for whatever reason, that older generation decided all of our generation don't deserve to get taught anything the way they were, so a lot of us got left to learn on their own.
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