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[QUOTE=Gunplummer;4138197]Hatchetjack, You should know better, being from Bucks County. I worked down there for years and when the bears started moving in, they were spilling over from Jersey. We get them up here too. Nobody can say what Alt did for the bear population because he did nothing but run around and dart bears and have fun. Alt may know a lot about bears, but he did NOTHING in PA to cause the bear population explosion. That is a front started by the Game Commission to give him some validation when he took over the deer management.[/QUOTE

The one thing I think he did do was expand the Bear Range in the State at a much faster pace with his trap and transfer program. I do understand that he was a PGC Puppet for the Deer Slaughter. I also understand that most of the Bears in Bucks Co. do a lot of swimming. To say he did NOTHING ???? I don't think so.

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