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The ejector parts were removed from the barrel and cleaned up as well as the long bolt that attaches the stock to the receiver.

Then all were blued using Nu-Blu

All the blued parts are then placed in Ziploc bags with a moisture displacing/rust inhibitor. In this case Strike hold but It could also have been G96 or Eezox where these parts will wait for the barrel to be completed.

With the removable parts of the barrel removed, I made tapered wooden plugs so I could mount the barrel in my wood lathe so I could spin it to clean it up with 320, 400 and 600 grit as well as steel wool.

There was no need for naval jelly to remove the rust since I was shining up the barrel on the lathe.

The cleaned up barrel.

There is pitting in some areas that is just too deep to remove so it has to stay.

This barrel will be blued with Herters (now Arts) Belgian rust blue. For the definitive video on how to use Belgian rust blue see this link. He has done over 40,000 barrel blues so I trust what he says and does. This is the process I will try to repeat.

Larry Potterfield does a much shorter video on how to use Arts Belgian blue

My boiling water tank will be less rubust than Arts but essentially the same. it will be made from a section of rain gutter and a wire coat hanger to support the barrel so it doesn’t touch the sides of the tank. Here is a test run boiling some water to ensure it will work when I need it.

That’s Dolly the doe in the background, keeping an eye on things. She is a bedded doe decoy I made out of construction foam, wood and an ice cream bucket lid. I use her for bowhunting.

To be continued……..
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