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Default 2014 Tourney Schedule

Billy Davis Memorial Tournament: April 19th and 20th
@Rend Lake, 7pm-7am numbers tourney. Most fish wins, side big fish pot. More info on ramp and prices ect. to come.

Illinois Bowfishers 2014 State Championship: May 31st-June 1st
@Lake Shelbyville,1-4 man teams. 11am-7am biggest 20 wins only weigh 7 of any one species; includes commom carp, gar, buffalo. Side big fish pot. Any placing team in the big 20 cannot also win big fish. Big fish will go to the next biggest fish on a non winning boat. possible most common prize also. Wolf creek boat ramp, sign in will begin at 930am. $25 dollars per shooter for paid Illinois bowfisher members, $30 per shooter non members, $10 per boat big fish pot

Clinton Lake Poole shoot: September 6th
@Clinton lake,1-4 man teams 9am-5pm daytime shoot, 8am begins registration... biggest 10 wins, side big fish pot and side numbers pot. Any one team can only win 1 prize. prizes will go to next team with big fish or numbers if u place in big 10... $20 per person, $20 dollars per boat for big fish and numbers. Ramp info to be released soon.

Hope to see u guys there,
Jarad Poole

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