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Originally Posted by southernstud View Post
Really Topgun? You sound like you are in the same class as the outfitter mentioned, everyone that pays a guide deserves the respect of being treated properly. I have hunted in 23 states across the US and Canada, taking 54 of the 66North American waterfowl. I also guide in Arkansas and have never mislead or took advantage of my clients. But since you evidently know everything about the entire industry I will refer everyone on all the other sites that I frequent to you. You must have ESP.
***Nope, don't have ESP, but I do have enough smarts to know how to cut down on my chances of something happening like happened you, LOL! You don't talk to one person who hunted 6-7 years ago and not do any more legwork than you did without taking a big chance that you're going to get screwed. I really could give a rip how many states you've hunted and how many birdies you've taken, LOL! If you're a guide, it's even worse since you should know not to trust someone you don't know, take it for granted they're on the up and up, and pay them without looking into the operation. It would also seem that if you're such a great bird hunter you would have known the area certain birds inhabit at certain times of the year. You sound just like every other first poster who comes on this website crying and we find out you didn't use due diligence before you wasted your money! Sorry, but that's what you did whether you'll admit it or not!
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