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I just copied this from another forum and this was in November and I think it's a reasonable question that you seem to be ducking and have not returned since.

Well let's do the math Rich. You said, "I have been in business over 12 years and booked over 1000 hunts and had 1000's of happy clients..."
To me, 1000's means at least 2000 minimum to classify yourself as 1000's. I take these 2000(happy clients) and divide it by 12 years. I get roughly 167 happy customers per year. I take that amount(167) times the $2000 deposit that you didn't return to your client. This gives me $333,333 for these hunts, just in deposits. WOW, and this isn't even the full costs for your hunts. AND, YOU CAN'T REFUND A CLIENT HIS MONEY BECAUSE YOU CANNOT DELIVER!!! You're not looking straight-up to me down here.
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