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Just thought I would share a couple pictures of the entry and exit on the deer I shot last Saturday. I just got around to skinning it and it is still rock solid. It has been a rough year compared to previous years for me. I mostly bow hunt and did not seal the deal and blew a great opportunity on two nice bucks. Due to schedules I wasn't able to hunt during our week of gun season here so that left me with the muzzleloader season. It is 4 days long here and even though Saturday was about 10 degrees out it was going to be the warmest day. I wasn't going out when the windchill was -25 the other days. So anyways, this was a little scrub buck and I took him out. The shot was about 50 yards. The entry with the way he was angled was right around the liver area and it clipped the stomach going out. He just stood there after the shot and fell over dead not even a minute later.

Hornady XTP 300 grain (.430)
Harvester Crush rib sabot
110 grains of BH209
W209 primer


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