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Originally Posted by Slayer11 View Post
I already have the manual for the 1187 and 1100. I was going to take it to the smith that I bought it from but he is located in the back of a grocery store and the gun was loaded. I was not about to walk into a store with a loaded gun. it had to be taken apart to unload.
***That's funny! I can see the people hitting the floor as you walked in, but how do people take stuff in to the guy if they all have to go through the store to get to him in the back? Nobody would know whether a gun is loaded or not if it's in a case and I would just assume you wouldn't walk in with it out in the open and it sounds like quite a unique setup to say the least! Couldn't you have gone in first and either told them what the deal was or asked the guy to open a back door for you?

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