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Originally Posted by skinnnner View Post
Rock,the second sentance of his statement is what bothered me.hes more upset at tops attatude than the fact he did wrong.i just wanted to hear him take responsabilty for his actions and to take lengths to not do it again.and i feel as though he has done thats since so im happy with that.If i did wrong and someone gave me crap for it im not going to be upset with him ill be upset with myself.
Yeah I get it.

I don't think that came out quite like he meant it to but its there so like I said I get it.

I would probably be right there with you on that had it not been a response to a poster I think is way out of line.

Notice the OP has been fairly reasonable with you and everybody other than one poster about the criticism.

You approached it like an adult and he has now responded to your criticism like an adult.
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