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Originally Posted by skinnnner View Post
Well rock i dont know how else to explain it but if you ever find yourself in court dont ever say but your honor i did not know.youll be screwed because thats concidered ignorance of the law and thats never an excuss.truth is buckhunter could have easly realized that three inches is concidered a buck not a doe with a very minamal search of the game laws.infact just google what ignorance of the law and why its never aan excuss.
Right and it was a mistake(or wrong action) that he didn't know the law.

I know its seems like a silly thing to argue about but it is the root of a misunderstanding.

This is why I couldn't understand why you were waiting for him to say he was wrong when he had said he made a mistake from the get go.

The word mistake was never meant to be an excuse. "I made a mistake" simply means "I did wrong"

Your interpreting the word mistake to be an excuse and that is not the case.
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