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Originally Posted by Bbj270 View Post
The ford 4x4 5.0 gets 14/19
Mine doesn't. I only have 20k miles on it, but I'm getting 16-17mpg highway. My 2010 and my 2012 got the same, over 200k and 180k lifespans for each respectively (both started tailing off a bit after ~165k, dropped down to around 14-15mpg by the time I upgraded). Commuted around Chicago for a few weeks this winter, been getting about 8mpg in town.

Sadly, my 1991 F-150 5.0L used to get 18mpg highway over a 480k mile life, and the 4x4 was WAY better than the new ones. Although she did start drinking about a quart of oil per tank by the end. My 1993 F-150 5.0 4x4 got 16-18mpg, but she threw a rod at ~230k miles, so that was the end of her. My 1997 5.0 F-150 had a lower geared rear end and 'ton and a half' suspension under the rear end, she didn't get as good, ~12-14mpg empty highway, but I rarely didn't have a trailer on it.
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