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Originally Posted by mac266 View Post
There is an Army Reserve installation about two hours south of San Jose, CA known as FT Hunter Liggett. It was my home-away-from home for 3 years, but they only allow permanent party to hunt there, except on weekends. In other words, if I invested in a license (out-of-state, since I live in CO), AND the on-post hunting permit I could only hunt on Saturday and Sunday.

That is NOT worth the drive and investment, so I passed.

It's unfortunate, too, because I saw tule elk everyday I was there!
I hunted Ft Hunter Liggett when I was stationed in CA, mostly for hogs and twice for deer but even with the base permits I couldn't shoot Tule Elk. All Tule Elk taken on the base required special permits, available only by drawing, which are in addition to the base hunting permit. Deer tags were also only available via a draw. Hogs were pretty much open year round. This was from 1995-1998 and per their website, this is still the case. CA knows they have a unique resource in the Tule Elk and they are very, very careful about the number of them they allow shot regardless if it is on State, Private or Federal Land. Even though the base is owned by the U.S. Army they still have to work with the state when it comes to hunting.

For 2013, the base issued a total of 30 Tule Elk permits, 9 were for bulls, 3 were for either sex and the rest were cow tags. If someone didn't hold one of these permits they cannot legally take a Tule Elk off the base. I would think that getting caught with an illegally killed Tule Elk on the base would be a really bad situation to find yourself in.

By the way, if you were stationed on the base in the Army you didn't have to buy a non-resident license. Military members can claim 2 states for residency when it comes to hunting and fishing, their home of record and their place of duty. Right now I can legally hunt both VA and CO as a resident. It is one of our best benefits as far as I'm concerned.

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