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Default Destroyer 340 peak draw weight

I have a D340 that I cannot get to the 70lb peak draw weight. I have contacted bowtech to get the factory specs.

I have the cams timed equally between the timing dots and the ATA is dead on at 32 3/8 and the draw weight on my scale is only showing 65. I have added significant twists to each cable which decreases ata and increases poundage and tried removing twists from the string which I thinks should increase poundage but correct the over rotation from adding twists. And increase ata.

I can't get over 67lbs and it really throws off the ata and timing.

Any suggestions? I can't see removing or adding more than 2 or 3 twists.

The birth certificate said it had been tested to 71 lbs

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks In advance
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