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I see you deleted your second post where you were basically giving the rest of us a hard time for not commenting on your video. This post was the reason I originally gave my honest opinion.

You wanted comments, I gave my honest comments.

I thought your video was well done, and I congratulated you for taking a nice buck.

I also gave my honest opinion that it was a risky, quartering-to shot that ended up with a spined deer - In my opinion, nothing to brag to others about.

Taking ethical shots is an important part of bowhunting. Deer are magnificent creatures that deserve our utmost respect by taking the best shots possible. This is especially magnified with bow hunting. You can get away with taking risky shots with a rifle or muzzleloader pretty often, but risky bow shots more often than not end up with a wounded deer that may or may not be recovered.

I have given guys that I hunt with a hard time as well for taking risky bow shots, so I am not singling you out. But if you post your hunt for all the world to see, you should expect comments, some you may not like.

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