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Originally Posted by Thunderchicken217 View Post
If your not open to criticism then maybe you shouldnt be putting your hunts on you tube or this forum. I to agree that regardless if you were running the camera or not that deer was quartering to. Regardless of your angle to deer. All you have to do is slow the video down and look at the arrow in relation to the deer. Kind of hard to hit a deer in the spine with the arrow wizzing by his head and over his front shoulder unless its quartering to you. I personally dont care what type of shots you take but if you cant handle criticism then dont set yourself up for it by allowing the entire world to view your hunt. I did think the video was shot well and was easy to watch without a lot of camera movement. Was also a fair sized buck and congrats to the shooter. If oldhound thought your guy took a bad shot I'd like to know how he is hurting hunting by saying so. Sounds to me like constructive criticism and maybe he has no clue what type of hunter or what experience you have deer hunting and if you didnt know any better about those type shots then making someone aware isnt a bad thing. Since you obviously are experienced enough to know better then dont see the problem with his comments. Hunting isnt dying because someone accused your buddy of taking an unethical shot. If hunting is dying its do to the commercialization of the sport and everyone under the sun starting their own home made hunting show. Maybe get your facts right before you bash a guy for a simple criticism of a shot angle. You tell me what does more harm to the sport, an opinion on a shot angle or everyone in the world being able to see that deer kicking and thrashing on the ground and taking some time to expire. Every hunter does some good and some bad for this great sport but dont come on here preaching about hunting is dying because someone didnt like your buddys shot when you have a deer kicking and thrashing on you tube for all to see. Thats the crap antis look for not the criticism of a shot angle.
Totally agree. Good post. And yes, it was a quartering to shot, but I've seen worse.
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