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Originally Posted by oldsmellhound View Post
I guess I'll be the jerk here.

First of all, congrats on your harvest. That looks like a nice buck. Your video was shot pretty well too- it's always nice to have video of a hunt.

People may not be responding because of the questionable nature of the shot you took. Now I could be wrong, but in the video it looks like you took a sharply quartering-to or frontal shot and then hit the deer in the spine.

Most bowhunters would consider that to be a very risky, if not unethical shot.

Don't get me wrong, I have taken risky shots too when buck fever got the best of me. But if I had taken a very risky shot, then by luck hit the deer in the spine and dropped it, I would not be posting the video on the internet and expect people to start electronically slapping me on the back. Instead, I would have thanked the good Lord that I cleanly took the deer and not made a fuss about it to other people.

Again, congrats on your harvest- I'm not diminishing that.
I just want to get this straight? You are so accurate with your bow and you can judge distance without a range finder so well that you can have a group tighter than 2 inches? I find that extremely hard to believe. 2 inches lower and it would have been a double lung shot. And another thing, I was the one video taping the hunt, the only reason you think that it was a straight on shot was because of the angle of the camera. That deer was in no way, shape, or form facing him or strongly quartering to. Back handed insults like this are the reason i dont visit this forum anymore and why the sport of hunting is dying. One positive comment doesn't counter act all the negativity in your post. The size of a deer, the shot on a deer or any other thing that people want to pick apart is exactly why no one wants to brag about their harvests. As long as we are ethical hunters and are out there for the right reasons, enjoying nature, feeding our families, introducing kids to a sport, etc., we need to support each other and not have no-it-all, negative comments and insults about everything.
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