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Originally Posted by jmac33
Man I didn't think it was that bad to get not one reply. Gotta love fellow hunters! Well good luck on the rest of the season to all and stay safe.
I guess I'll be the jerk here.

First of all, congrats on your harvest. That looks like a nice buck. Your video was shot pretty well too- it's always nice to have video of a hunt.

People may not be responding because of the questionable nature of the shot you took. Now I could be wrong, but in the video it looks like you took a sharply quartering-to or frontal shot and then hit the deer in the spine.

Most bowhunters would consider that to be a very risky, if not unethical shot.

Don't get me wrong, I have taken risky shots too when buck fever got the best of me. But if I had taken a very risky shot, then by luck hit the deer in the spine and dropped it, I would not be posting the video on the internet and expect people to start electronically slapping me on the back. Instead, I would have thanked the good Lord that I cleanly took the deer and not made a fuss about it to other people.

Again, congrats on your harvest- I'm not diminishing that.
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