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Default To shoot or not to shoot?

I was in stand Saturday morning an hour before sunrise. I had just climbed to about 25-30 ft and hadn't even hauled my bow and gear up when 7-8 deer came through my spot. I was set up about 30 yrds from a large bedding area and as a few headed in, I focused on a buck checking a scrape and spending some time at his licking branch. It was still dark when I watched his silhouette heading to follow the does into the bedding area I had a chance to get my gear hauled up and bow in hand. When light came up enough to glass the straw grass he headed into, all I could see was a huge 5x5 wide, dark set of antlers, half his neck.

In an ethical manner, what would you do? I waited him out as long as I could, but he only moved deeper into his bedding spot. No shot except a spine shot, neck shot, or behind the ear, but I wanted to mount this 4-5 yr old buck without destroying his cape.

Im going back @5:00 am to set up in a different spot to use the wind and settle down in the thick bedding. The new moon is tonight, 5 out of 5 stars for excellent day of movement until about 10:30. First: would you have shot, and 2: do any of you have faith in the lunar calendar?

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