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It sort of depends on the available terrain and flora.

If you can find smallish (5 sq. ys. to like 20 sq. yd.) areas of high grass that are surrounded by really thick brambles or hedges, that's probably where the bedding areas are.

Often the grass is smushed (is that a real word?) down, and the area is covered in droppings.

You find that, you've found a bedding area.

Problem is that once they've been pressured, they may move on or change their bedding areas.

Conventional wisdom is to hit the stand in the morning, with the stand being near a trail leading between a feeding and bedding area.

If nothing shootable comes along after that, hit that bedding area, trying to walk up or jump up a shooter.

During the rut it's a little different; you don't have to be out there at 4:00 AM. Get something with some estrous scent and hang near a defined trail.

Those are you basic tactics.

But there are SOOOO many others, and so many variations, that they're almost useless generalizations.
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