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Every Ford F350 I have owned or dealt with 7.3 diesel (7of them over the years) got 24 empty/16 with a 28' gooseneck hauling farm related loads around the state of Fla. As soon as they hit 100k they lost 25% and went to 16/10 or so. BUT you have this mileage thing all wrong! You have to think about this a little bit but,,,,, most of the problems in this world, think along terrorism and related topics, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc. are funded by Petrol dollars. My take is the sooner the oil runs out the sooner the trouble makers wont have access to unlimited funds and excessive time on their hands to think about what to do next. They will have to start rethinking about basic stuff like eating sooner or later. When they get to that point,,, WORLD PEACE! That's one reason I drive a 1962 Jeep utility wagon,9mpg,10 if I can get to the top of the hill and coast down. OH the things we do for mankind! (I hope that wasn't too political for the thread). (JMHO)
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