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There's a simple solution: If you don't like your present hunting situation, then change it. Take some responsibility - don't blame it on someone or something else. Call the moving company Monday morning.

We all make choices. I choose to live where people aren't stacked on top of each other, where the jobs typically don't pay as much, where my kid has access to only one four-year university (meaning, my checkbook has one non-resident university tuition option - I just finished paying for one out-of-state degree, the $25,000 extra it cost would've bought a lot of tags, wouldn't it?), where I have to drive for two hours to get to a major airport, where medical specialists are also hours away, where the wind blows almost constantly, where real estate and gas generally cost less, and where it just so happens that my hunting tags don't cost a lot and I have lots of public land to chase game on.

Nothing's stopping you but your own preference not to live here. Buck up.

I know lots of nonresident hunters who don't share your sentiment. They don't show up lording over how much they "contribute to the economy" - rather, how "glad they are to be away from their crazy lives for awhile." Maybe you're hunting for the wrong reason to begin with?

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