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Originally Posted by *twodogs* View Post
You have to find the funnels, where the terrain naturally lead the deer from one bedding area to another or to a food/water source. Usually it's a creek, an old logging road, hedge row, etc. You need to set up in these transition areas, how you get there is another story. It may involve cutting a path through the brush (after this season) or accessing the property from an adjacent property, with that owner's permission.

SW has oaks - a food source close to a bedding area. I would hunt here and try to figure out how to get in there without too much noise. It looks lie there is an old road along this area, can you follow this? If not, it might involve going in very early. Most important once in there - during the rut - sit all day in order to see the bigger bucks.
Thanks twodogs...I'm gonna have to process all this and figure out a strategy! There is a road there like you mentioned but if you look at that orange line north of a road, that's a high wall/bluff from where they mined...the only way to traverse that is to come in from the east where the orange line starts and walk all the way around or there is a valley a little further southwest that if it doesn't rain you might be able to walk/climb up.

There are also good stands of oaks where the river makes a U and then in the very south around those fields....and also in the north east where I have that green dot
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