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Originally Posted by whitetailcrazy View Post
Lets break this down easily...

7 days of firearm hunting... (which includes the first 4 days of Muzzleloader Season)
3 additional days of muzzleloader season.

2 Buck limit, no matter in what way they're harvested! Archery, Firearm, Muzzleloader.

14 day firearm season.
16 day muzzleloader season.

1 buck limit, no matter which way it was harvested, archery, firearm or muzzleloader.

14 day firearm season.
17 day muzzleloader season.

Buck limit?? Until quotas are reached per county? Correct me if I'm wrong!

Which is the most destructive, which do you think is the least destructive? I personally think Indiana has the right idea.. 1 buck and your done! Be content with what you harvest mentality! People are just going to pass smaller bucks!
Extremely easy question to answer: The most damage is done by the most firearm days during the month of November, by far the most vulnerable month for bucks.

Iowa 0
Illinois 3
Indiana 15 (They've always had a 16 day season, not 14)
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