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Default Need help with land

Hey guys, I just joined the forum. I am fairly new to hunting. Only been hunting about 3 years. I have hunted the following land the past 2 years but haven't had much luck other than some small bucks and some does here and there, with the exception of my first deer.

Here is my land (boundaries in red). The green x's are places where a good buck was killed. I had one of those as my first deer. White dots are where I have either spotted or jumped deer, yellow spots are where I have setup and hunted.

Here is the topo. The purple areas are areas that were mined years the north along those purple areas are sheer bluffs. Basically when you look at the topo, cut half of that ridge area off above the purple areas.

Here is the same aerial above. The yellow areas are real thick as is pretty much anywhere you see pines. The valley in the middle of the map with the green lines is very thick as well. There are some open hardwoods to the north west and far north east. The green lines are old logging/mining trails that are overgrown. The blue dot in that valley is where I have seen a good bit of deer. It's also where I've been busted by a nice buck. The blue dot to the south is a steep's not that wide and on top, there is usually some beds. I've also seen several deer hunting the transition edge of that clear cut to where it meets the woods going to the's just so close to the main road.

I will appreciate any help on set ups!
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